Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pre Wedding!

The excitement isn't over in this family as we have a wedding October 25th!  Kristin and Matt's big day is just a few weeks away.  The bachelor and bachelorette parties were this weekend.  Although the boys have not shared their photos from the weekend, I have a few from our night together!

Elizabeth & I on our way to dinner!

Painting With A Twist

My new daughter to be, Kristin

I am doing the florals for the wedding reception and have started this project this week.  As of today I have three down and many, many more to go!  You can see below that Hank is all up in my floral is all fun though!  Wedding time is so exciting!


My Son Movie Premier

September 20th was absolutely magical.....limousine, red carpet and getting to share the evening with my friends and family.  The movie was a hit and ran an extra week in the local theater.  Retta Vision is meeting now with movie distribution companies now to get the movie out nationally.  Meanwhile, this weekend the movie, My Son, has been nominated to the 2013 CMM Christian Film Festival this weekend in Clark, New Jersey, and actress Kate Randall, who plays my daughter, Jess in My Son, has been nominated for the "Best Actress in a Leading Role" award. I Love you, Kate and so very proud of you!

Rob, Elizabeth, Garrett, Kristin & Matt

The Clark Family
Restin & Kate

Austin, the star!