Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Found My X's and O's

If you know me well, you know I love to sign my name with X's and O's, so I was excited when I found this new background when I was creating a blog for a friend of mine. I also have a purse that is the XOXO brand.

I created a floral arrangement today for my friend, Jamie, who is my hairdresser. The salon moved to a new building and this will go on top of her station.
Remember my blog in August about the "tree of life" that the kids and their friends bought in honor of Pat during his illness this summer? Well, I thought I would take a picture of it and show you how much it has grown. This tree means a lot to him and me and we get the joy of watching it grow each day. The "tree of life" in Hico is also growing.

Posted by PicasaPat and I worked hard on our flower beds that were overcome with weeds. I really forgot that I was suppose to weed eat the beds, so it took me many hours. Pat finished them off with mulch, but I need to plant some color by the front door as soon as I know the cold weather is gone.
Hope you have a blessed week!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Am Back

I know, it has been awhile since I have blogged, but I couldn't seem to get on here last week, and the week before it was spring break! Remember, there is no internet in Hico! Spring break was so relaxing and God blessed us with the perfect weather. The boys and a few friends joined us in Hico for the week, but they camped out near the pond. It was a perfect situation for them as they came to the house when they needed more food, watch a little March Madness, and shower. The only thing lacking was Sis, but she was able to join us at the end of the week after she returned from her road trip to Panama City, Florida. She had a great time, but brought back an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis.
Monday night G started his new team, Texas Express, with his first practice. Today he had his second practice and the only complaint I have is getting up early on Saturday mornings. I think the team will be good and I like the coach. He will be playing two tournaments a month and in July, every weekend. I told him this morning that he will get all the basketball he can stand! He will have a full summer with basketball as well as a basketball camp and church camp.
Bubba is gearing up for Colorado and has to be there on May 17th. He is so excited that he has lost some sleep! What a great time he is going to have!
I have been busying teaching Microsoft Word for the Christian Women's Job Corp since the first of February, and I will start teaching EXCEL next week for a few weeks. These are great ladies and I enjoy teaching them a lot. Pat has agreed to help our church get the Men's Job Corp up and running, which will be a big task.
My dad seems to be getting stronger. Some of the spinal tap results are coming in and so far they show everything to be normal. He did meet with an ENT two weeks ago and he said that his problem did not have to do with sinuses, and if he were to diagnose his condition after looking at the tests done so far, he thinks he had a small stroke and recommended a strong rehab program. Thank you for your prayers, and I ask that you continue to pray with me until he has recovered.
It is so cold today, but in Texas we will be wearing our flip-flops Monday! Have a good one!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Temporary Nurse Is Going to Oklahoma

Bubba is feeling better and so is Pat. Thankfully the rest of us in this family is well.
G tried out for a select team for the past few weeks and is now a member of the Texas Express. We meet the coach and fellow teammates on Sunday and then the rigorous schedule begins.
Sis is headed to Panama City for spring break with her friends. Sis, you be careful...I will be praying for your safety and safe return. I will miss you!
On my February 24 post I shared with you about my dad and his health. Well he has had a set back this week. He saw a neurologist today and he ordered an EEG and a spinal tap for tomorrow. We are still trying to find out exactly what is causing all of this. I am headed up there tomorrow to help him for a few days. I covet your prayers for my dad. His name is Buster.

Thank you God for this wonderful rain! This area of Texas needs it so desperately. We are looking forward to spring break next week and I believe they are calling for a beautiful week. After I get back to Oklahoma, I plan to head to the ranch for some R&R. Should be fun!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Nurse I Am Not

A nurse I am not, but have been for the past four days. Pat came home Saturday with some kind of stomach bug. Today he goes back today to work and Bubba gets a really bad migraine which caused him to throw up all morning! At least I can still hand him the washrag to wash his face without gagging. I will tell you that I prayed a specific prayer that I do not get that bug because 1) I do not have time and 2) the house will just shut down! You know what I mean! Hugs!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy 105th Gan Gan

Happy Birthday to Gan-Gan, who is 105 today. She is pretty as ever!

Memory Lane Monday

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sum Up Your Life In Six Words

One of my favorite blogs to read is Beth Moore's blog. Either Beth or one of her two daughters, Melissa and Amanda, write a post each day. Today I was catching up on my blog reading and I came across a blog that Melissa posted a week ago. I wanted to share this with you and give you a chance to play along with me. It was a trend years ago for writers/authors to sum up their lives, or in other words to succintly write their memoir, using only six words. Here are a few examples he cited:

"For Sale: baby shoes, never worn”

-Ernest Hemingway

“Bumpy road, kissed toad, recovery mode!”

-anonymous blogger comment

“My flame flickers but never fails”

-anonymous blogger comment

So, how about it! Post a comment with your "six words".

Immediately a phrase popped in my mind and thankful it was six words:

Cancer a gift..I am changed!

So, sum up your life in six words. Blogging buddies, I tag you!


TGIF And I Am Pooped!

It is Friday night and I am pooped! It has been a quick and long week at the same time. Pat's week began with a manager's meeting through Wednesday. I have been doing some typing for a horse trainer, so that has been about 25 hours of my time. On top of that I have managed to do three floral arrangements with still too many waiting on me. Tomorrow I get the job of driving my boys to their Hunter's Education class on the other side of the metroplex. They will be in class five hours, so my BFF, Laura, is going to go with me to keep me company. I have some containers I need to shop for, so we will begin there. Tonight Pat has headed to Hico without me. I have now missed three weekends in a row and that is unusual for me. Spring break is not far away, so I will get to spend some time then at my favorite R&R! The weather has been wonderful, sunny and favorite! I hope that you have a great weekend! xoxo

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Happy Birthday to my little sister, Kelly! I don't know what I would do without you in my life! I hope that you have a great birthday today even though you are clipping goats for the stock show this weekend! I love ya! xoxo