Thursday, May 21, 2009

Matt and Camp Redcloud


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                                                              The Ropes

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P1020531    These pictures are of Camp Redcloud.  Inside is Matt’s bunkhouse.  He was the first to arrive so he was able to set up his area just the way he wanted it..

 P1020543P1020545P1020544  P1020514

These are photos of mine and Pat’s cabin in Lake City. 


These are pictures that I took as we were leaving Lake City at 6:00 a.m.  The first moose I have ever seen in Colorado.


Pat, Matt and I arrived in Lake City Saturday afternoon.  We stopped on the way in Trinidad, Colorado.  I loved seeing that red chevy truck following us in the rear view mirror all the way there.  As soon as we checked into our cabin, we went to checkout Redcloud and help Matt unload his stuff.  That was fun and he was able to get first dibs on the clothes wardrobe, bed location and the best mattress.  After we got him unloaded we went back to our cabin and grilled out.  The next day we drove to Gunnison for some lunch out on the patio as the weather was absolutely perfect. 

As we were leaving on Friday morning, Matt mentioned that his throat was hurting.  I figured it was allergies and told him so.  Well, Sunday morning when he arrived at the cabin after staying overnight at Redcloud he showed me his throat!  Ew!  Not pretty.  So, I thought we needed to find a doctor.  God provided a clinic in Lake City that was opened on Sunday afternoons from 2:00 to 4:00.  We got him an appointment right away and he did have strep!  God knew just what we needed and that this mom here would have been worried if I had to leave him without medical care.    After the doctor’s appointment, we three went to the store to get Matt a fishing rod.  This is also where we said our goodbyes.  Gosh, it was rough and I cried for two days.  I am better now as he is happy and loving it already.  He does say that he is still homesick.

Pat and I left the next morning early to head home and we decided to drive straight through.  We were depressed and just ready to get home.  Leaving Lake City knowing that we were leaving Matt just broke my heart! 

The only way that we can communicate is through Facebook.  He has a phone card, but he hasn’t used it and there is no cell service at all.  Twice this week, including tonight, I am having to stay up past 11:00 to chat with him. 

I will try to keep you updated on Matt and his summer. His buddy, Sam, will be joining him in a few weeks.  Matt has already made some good friends, but is looking forward to Sam arriving.  Today Matt was dumped in the Rio Grande as part of the adventure training.  He has to know how to deal with hypothermia and be able to administer CPR.  I am glad I didn’t know ahead of time about this training.  He has also been doing a lot of training on the ropes.  I love reading his “status” on Facebook as he usually shares what he has been up to. 

What gives me joy is that he says he already feels God’s presence and his overwhelmed by this beautiful country and this awesome camp.  I ask that you pray for Matt while he is gone.  Next week he will be training as well and then the campers start arriving.  That website is if you want to read more about it..  We are so proud of Matt and know that God is going to do some exciting things in his life while in Colorado.  Thank you again to those who have support this trip financially and with prayer!



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Colorado Here We Come

Tomorrow morning we set out escorting Matt in his bright red truck to Lake City, Colorado to Camp Redcloud. He will begin his new job as camp counselor starting on Sunday! We are so very proud of him and his desire to be obedient and serve God. What an awesome opportunity he has and a dream come true! I ask that you keep him in your prayers and pray for safety as we travel to and from Colorado! Website is


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prayer Warriors Please Pray

One thing that I have discovered in this blogging world is that there are so many faithful Christ-Followers and prayer warriors out there and many of you are now my friend.  I am coming to you this evening asking for prayer.  Our good friend, Dee Dee, who is 50, was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer several years ago. She and Larry have a 10 year old daughter, Alex.  This weekend Dee Dee was trying to pass a kidney stone and it caused her blood pressure to drop. This caused her kidneys to fail and she had a heart attack last night during the night.  She is now on dialysis and a ventilator.  One of the heart breakers is that Alex's birthday is today. Those of you who know me know that I believe in miracles and the power of prayer.  Will you please join me in praying for Dee and her family?  She is a believer and has an amazing support group of friends and family.  Thank you in advance for going to the throne on behalf of our sister in Christ.  xoxo

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Am A Blessed Mother Because of These Three!

    04babiePicture_028Memory Lane Monday


I love you three so much and I thank God For You  every day! You are amazing kids who make me laugh, cry, smile and giggle!  xoxo

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bubba’s Going Away Party!

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Wednesday, Matt’s youth group and leaders had a surprise send off party.  He leaves next Friday for Camp Redcloud in Lake City, Colorado.  You can visit the website at to find out about the camp.  He will be a counselor working with youth and will return to Texas in August.  Pat and I will be escorting him there so that he can have his truck while there.  He is so excited and counting down the days.  Pat and I are so excited and proud of him and I am just trying to not focus on him “leaving his mom”!  We haven’t been apart yet as he has been living at home and going to college.  If you are on Facebook you can follow his journey.  He is planning on getting Skype so that we can see his sweet, handsome face!  I will also keep you posted through my blog!  Thanks to all of you that have prayed and sent financial support for his new ministry and know that he is so appreciative.  A big thanks to Jamie Menchaca for setting up the party and making him feel so special!