Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007


The Annual Christmas Group Photo including my family, my sister's family and Mom


Nanny and her crazy grandkids


My family with our diabetic dog, Pope


Pat with his mom, brothers and sister

The pictures over Christmas this year were so good, so I wanted to share! Spending time with our family was fun and relaxing. Everyone complains when they have to have a group photo, but it is worth it to me. I received a gift this year from my mom that was such a surprise and it made me bawl. After I opened three layers of boxes I opened a beautiful little black box that held my grandmother's wedding ring! I was so touched and so very thankful to be the recipient of this ring. Thanks, Mom! My grandmother meant so much to me and I miss her so much. In 1972 she was killed instantly in an auto accident. She was a beautiful lady who loved her grandkids and loved to spoil us!
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Take Me Back to Texas



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Oh My Gosh! Take me back to Texas quick. I am in Oklahoma City and it is too cold for me. It is 20 degrees out there with ice on the ground. We are spending time with my sister, Kelly, and her husband, Brian this weekend. Kelly & Brian are cooking breakfast right now and I should be helping! Our families, plus Mom, played dirty Santa last night with $5 gifts. That was fun and it got ugly. Mom and Bubba were fighting over the lottery tickets...Bubba won, but the lottery tickets were worth zilch! I ended up with my favorite, Russell Stover candy and Pat got a sling shot! What fun he will have!

Dad, Michelle and Tiff came yesterday and left late yesterday afternoon. The roads were getting worse so they had to head out earlier than planned. Dad, I am in my white fluffy robe this morning and love it.

I smell the bacon cooking and need a refill on my coffee!


Friday, December 21, 2007

The 2007 Christmas Letter

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Merry Christmas! We love your cards and pictures that you send and I look forward to going to the mailbox every day to see what surprises are within!

G is playing basketball and made the A team. So that keeps us busy each week. He is also playing with his select team, The Heat. He likes school and loves hanging with his friends!

Bubba got his senior pictures done a couple of weeks ago, so that felt good to get that out of the way. It is hard to beleive that we will be attending his graduation soon. He is planning his first ski trip after Christmas with our church and he is very excited. He has had a broken finger these past two months and fortunately he will not have to have that pin put in surgically. Don't ask me how the finger got broke!

Sis finished up with her semester and she is working full-time over the holidays at the bank. She really enjoys her job and loves the people. We have missed her and can't wait to spend some relaxing time with her.

Pat is winding down for the year at work. He will be off until the 6th of January. He has big plans after Christmas to build some fence, hang out with his girls (his cows). There have been over 23 calves born in the past three weeks! Oh, he will also turn 50 on New Year's Eve! He said that we are not going to celebrate! Yeah right, Pat!

I am now breathing easier since my shopping is done as of yesterday. I always say that I am going to start shopping earlier each year. In January I have a couple of design jobs I will start and I continue filling floral orders. I am so thankful for the growth of my business and I am having so much fun! I plan on teaching Microsoft Word again this semester at the Women Job Corp in February. What a blessing it is to see women grow in life skills, work skills and gain a closer relationship to God. It is an amazing transformation.

We are headed to Oklahoma to see my sister and her family and have Christmas there with Mom and Dad too! We will be home for Christmas Eve and spend time with Pat's family.

Merry Christmas to all of you. Please stop by if you are in the area or near Hico. You have an open invitation and we would absolutely love it!

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, but most of all we pray that you truly know the love of Christ and His grace and mercy that are new each and every day!

Blessings to all of you!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Promises Community Christmas Dinner

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Whew! The Promises Community Christmas was Saturday night. Two months of planning and then it is over! But, what a blessing it was. Our church had 355 guests and there were over 320 volunteers. Our church was in motion. The picture above was from last year, but it looked the same this year.

Yesterday I stayed home and cleaned house and tried to get some kind of order back in the Easterling household. Pat and the kids said they were glad to have me back full time! Thanks, family, for supporting me and helping out that night.

Now, it is time to Christmas shop. I have never waited this late to start, but I did buy three gifts today.

Monday, December 10, 2007

McNatt Christmas

Dad and His Brothers and Sisters

Dad's Family

Daddy's Girl

The McNatt Cousins

The McNatt Christmas! It is held every year and I have been going since I was born. My dad has four brother and sisters and the the family tree begins. There are about 94 in all counting the spouses. Since my grandmother died, my Aunt Sissy has had it at her house in Pilot Point, Texas and we usually gather together the second weekend in December. It is crazy when we are all together...especially when we sing the "The 12 Days of Christmas"!
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