Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Have Been Boo-Ed!

I have been boo-ed by Kat! What fun!

Now I am booing you! Here are the rules: "Go to as many friends as you want and tell them they've been Boo-Ed." Have them link back to your blog to pick up their Halloween treat (picture) and tell them to Boo their friends. (Then put the picture in your side bar so everyone knows you've already been Boo-ed and to send the picture to someone else.) Are you scared yet!!?? Boo!"I have to get going..... I have a lot of Boo-ing to do...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ranch Happenings

Cash Being Timid
Now I See What Fun This Is

Cash was introduced to the pond this weekend. It took him a while to get in, but he eventually did and he loved it. He played "fetch the stick" for a long time while Pat was hanging the game camera near the pond. He is still trying to get pictures of the rest of the wild hogs as there some some tracks around this particular pond. When it was time to go back to the house, Cash didn't like riding in the back of the truck. See, he is spoiled!

The Hico house got a new roof thanks to the insurance company. It has suffered a lot of hail and wind damage. We made the roof green so it can match the barn and the fences. Now we have to repaint the door and shutters green. Pat, get busy...I don't paint!
While playing with Cash at the pond Saturday, I got a text message from my computer guy saying that my hard drive crashed and he was not able at that time to retrieve any data. I begged him to keep trying to get my pictures. I backed up the day before I took the computer in, but I think it has been since April or so since I backed up pictures. It just makes me sick at my stomach. I am not one to print a bunch of pictures so they are stored on the computer. I have to rethink this now. The guys at church who play in the band on our praise team suggested an external hard drive. Yep, sounds like that is what I need. So, I encourage you to back up your computer if you have not done so lately. Grrrr!

Have a good week! Remember, there is no high like the Utmost High!


Friday, October 24, 2008

I love Fridays!

Hope you have a great weekend!   Still waiting on my computer!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Tales

Coming up with titles is hard sometime, so don't pay much attention.  I just got back from watching G play football.  He had a two point conversion and he recovered an onside kick. Pat wasn't able to be there, so I texted him and the siblings.  I texted that G had a touchdown. Bubba texted me back and asked how?  He corrected me that was not a "touchdown".  Oh well. Whatever!  He did good.  I got it on video, but I don't have the cable to upload.  Sis, I need that, please.  
It is time for me to start planning the Promises Community Christmas dinner.  The event is December 13th, but the preparation begins now.  Approximately 500 invitations will go out October 30th.  It is hard without a computer, and I have to borrow Bubba's.  I saw my computer guy today at Chili's and I asked him why he wasn't home working on my computer, and he said that it is pretty much unfixable.  So, it looks like I am going to have to get a refurbished tower until I can get a new one.  Perfect timing wouldn't you say?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Happenings

Memory Lane Monday has to wait until I get my computer back from the shop!  I am so lost without it.
Sis got her car back this weekend and she was so excited to see it shining with its new coat of black paint!  I got to spend the day with her on Saturday and she spent the night and went to church with us.  She keeps us laughing!
Hope you guys have a blessed week!  


Thursday, October 16, 2008

It is Chilly and There are Frogs Here!

I know that my husband and boys are happy as it is chilly outside!  This weather reminds Pat it is almost "deer season".   They are always making fun of me because I am always cold. Actually I was being made fun of at the football game a couple of weeks ago because I had my sweatshirt with me.  JJ was having too much fun with me and continued her sarcastic comments that lasted via text throughout the night.  Yes it was 80 degrees, but when the sun went down it got cooler.
I am excited that my hubby is coming home tonight.  It has been such a long time since he has traveled and I sure have missed him.  He has been traveling since the day we were married, so it is something I am use to, but still don't like it.  Although when the cat is away the mouse will play....meaning I get lazy sometimes!  He calls me last night and asks "what is this I read about about your hair" I TRIED to explain it, but he didn't get it and he told me that was ridiculous seven times.  I said that he was not a woman and he would never understand.  (I don't think I will do this again.  Thanks goodness for my Nike cap!)  Another reason he needs to get home is that when something goes wrong around here, it will be when he is out of town.  This morning I fed the dogs and I heard them fighting.  Our dog, Pope, is a diabetic and requires two insulin shots a day.  He also gets to eat his special food twice a day.  Our other dog, Bear, only gets a biscuit. Well one of them was not happy and the fight started.  I hear them, run outside, fall on the porch with the needle in my hand and stick my finger while scratching and bruising my knee.  I saw blood, so I grabbed the water hose and was yelling at the top of my lungs.  I split them up until Pope finished eating.  I wonder what Dr. Bill, my neighbor who has the day off on Thursdays, thinks as he watches me act like a lunatic.
I was brought to tears last night when I read what my son wrote on my comments "Memory Lane".  That is what motherhood is all about.  Sis also writes often on my comments and I can't tell you both how much that means to me.  I am proud of all three of you!  I don't think G reads my blogs...I will have to ask him.  They are afraid they will read about themselves, I am sure.  
Two nights ago I was watching TV in Pat's chair (a rarity when he is home) and Cash came in the door.  I told him to shut the door, but he ignored me.  He comes around the couch and drops a frog on its back.  I look down and it is one big, fat frog and it was moving its legs like it was desperate to turn over.  I freaked. Thank goodness Bubba had just gotten home and he picked it up. I get the willies thinking about it.  G said that he wouldn't have touched it either.  What would we have done if it were left up to G and I to pickup the frog.  I would probably call Morris, my neighbor! 

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Beach Photos Are Here!

I am so excited about getting these portraits.  We had these pictures made when we were in Florida in July.  The photographer went to school at North Texas.  What a small world.  We had so much fun and have such good memories!  If you asked the family if they had fun having their pictures made on the beach, they will say no!  They are priceless to me!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Your So Vain Should Be Sung To Me!

I love new things and usually not too scared to try them out.  But, I am not a daredevil.  I heard about a new straightner for your hair.  I have had a chemical straightener on my hair for years now.  I used the Chi thermal process six months ago and loved it.  Recently I was told about a new process that is even better.  We will see as I had it done this morning. There is just one problem I am have to wear the conditioner on your hair for 72 hours.  Yep, I have to wait until Friday morning to wash my hair.  My hair stylist, Jamie, said that I will be amazed with the results when we are done.  OH MY GOSH!  I am not kidding you.  Right now I look hideous.  The process calls for this conditioner to be put on your hair and then blow dried. She then uses a very hot flat iron on each strand of hair.  My bangs are so straight they are sticking straight up and/or out.  Let me add that you cannot pin it, get it wet or bind the hair in any way.  I don't know what I am going to do tonight as G has a football game.  I wondered if I should stay home, but I can't do that. I love watching his games and I have to tape it for Pat.  Jamie's answer to that was "Well, when G sees your hair, he will be glad that you didn't go to the game".  Thanks, Jamie.  By the way, I am "married" to my hair stylist!  She has been doing my hair for 20 years!  So, I won't get mad and "divorce" her for making fun of me!  I will let you know on Friday how it turns out.  Guess I won't be going to Bible study tomorrow night either.  


Computer Problems

For once I actually have a few things to blog about, but I can't post any pictures because my computer is in need of repair.  I am using Bubba's laptop just to let you know.  

Be back soon!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Texas Wins!

OU Texas Game was Saturday! Yes, Texas won! There is also rivalry between two sisters! Me from Texas and my sis from Oklahoma!  She and her family have OU season tickets and were in Dallas for the game.  Sorry Kelly, maybe next year (I really don't care because I don't watch football much). 

Even Cash has his Longhorn collar on!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Working the Cattle

Calves in the calf shoot being injected, notched and castrated if needed.
Pat gets to be the "mean" guy!
Pat dehorning a steer
Cash taking a ride on the four-wheeler

Saturday was a full day of working the cows and the calves.  Thanks to Uncle Bill and Lola, John, Brian and Lecia, we had a lot of help.  We sold a bunch of old cows last week, but we ran 85 head through and 31 calves Saturday.  The cows and bulls just have to be wormed, but the heifers and bull calves had to be injected, dehorned if needed, ear notched, and castrated if needed.  We now do castration by rubber bands if they are not too big.  The bands cause less trauma!  Wonder why? Ouch!  I never would have dreamed that I would still be working cattle at 46 years old.  Dad had Kelly and I working them with him when we were small.  It is a lot more fun when its yours cows and I am not made to do it!  Back then we didn't have a calf shoot and I had to sit on the calf while Dad worked them.  Good times! 
As you can see, Pat is back doing what he loves.  Playing with his cows and piddling at the ranch is favorite.  He is feeling so good and feels back to normal.  I am amazed and thankful to see how far he has come in two months.  He actually had a quarter pounder and french fries the other day for lunch.  That is major, but not healthy!  He has also maintained his weight, so he has had to go shopping for new clothes.  His job responsibilities have increased at work, so he is about to travel and get busier.  Pat looks wonderful and he is a picture of health!   We are so thankful and so blessed!  Thank you, Lord!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Photos of G at the Game

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These pictures were not taken by me, but aren't they good. Thanks to Tim for sending them to us. His son, Parker, plays on G's team. He got some good action shots. Last night the two middle schools in town, who are big rivals, played each other and G's team won! They get to play in the high school stadium on the turf.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Paige's First Hog Hunt

Yep, that's me in camo hunting with Pat for wild hogs on our place. We sat in the ground blind tent for about an hour near the deer feeder. At 6:30 pm the deer feeder goes off. Pat got the tent and his gun ready and then we sat there for an hour waiting. While waiting we were texting and checking our email! He said that when he had hunted in the past week he saw the hogs come in about 7:30 pm. Sure enough, at 7:35 they snuck in. There is one huge sow and three babies. They have been rooting up the coastal, so they need to die! I saw them first and took a look with the binoculars. Pat shot and "bang" the blond pig was down and the rest were squealing as they ran off. The picture is not very plain, but you get the idea! That was fun! I don't like being cold so I don't hunt much with Pat, or should I say accompany him much. This was my kind of hunting....sweating! We have three more hogs to go. Maybe next weekend. Pat and I also did a lot of work this weekend with the cows. We are selling off some old cows so we had to separate the cows from the calves and then pair them at the end of the day. What is pair mean? You separate the cows from the calves and then wait about five to six hours so that the calves are good and thirsty. We then let two cows at a time in with the calves and then the calves finds their mama and wa-la a pair! Next weekend we are going back to work the rest of the cattle (vaccinate, worm, castrate and de-horn). I enjoy it, but it is a tiring job!


Memory Lane Monday

Mr P and G

Beats me?
I am loving that 80's hair!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Am Still Here!

Hi there! Yes it has been one week since I have blogged and I have missed it! I have tried each day to do so. It has been a very busy week. My job the first of the week was to get bids on Sis' car so that it could be repaired and then get it in the shop. We are having it painted and repairs for minor damage, which will take two more weeks, so she will get to enjoy her rental Ford Focus for a couple of more weeks. I actually got to spend the day with Sis on Sunday as she needed new glasses. She went with me to church and then we headed out to the mall.
She actually chose a cool pair, but I don't have a picture yet. When we got outside she was astonished at what she "could" see. She was driving me crazy taking her glasses on and off and telling me what road signs she could see and at what distance.
G had a football game on Tuesday and they won 14 to 0. He had some good catches and several tackles. I was standing next to him a few minutes ago and he is now towering over me!
Bubba is working and going to school. He is very busy and loves his social life! He has really been doing a lot of drawing lately. His latest project was a drawing for a friend whose grandfather died and she wants a tatoo. So Bubba created a picture of a beautiful cross with her grandfather's initials in the middle.
I have been busy being Mom, but also designing florals. I have about five waiting on me and I finished three this week. Shopping for containers consumes more time than designing the arrangements. I also started a Bible study this week entitled "Becoming a Woman of Excellence". It has been so long since I have done a study with a group of women and I am looking forward to it. Pat, Bubba and G have their studies on Wednesdays too. Actually Bubba is a leader with his friend Arty for the seventh grade boys. Two weeks ago the boys joined St. Matthews. Pat and I were really proud that they took the initiative to join and become active. Although we do not go to that church, we are excited for them as they have found a church they love with an outstanding youth program.
Pat continues to do well and feels really good. He is busy at work and doesn't have time to think about feeling bad. I am so thankful! We are headed to the ranch this weekend!
A report on Cash the door dog! Just a minute ago he came in the door and shut it without being told. It still cracks us up! Also, he now knows that when everyone is gone to work or school and it is just him and I, it is time for his walk. Every morning when I walk in the door from taking G to school he starts whining and trying to open the door. So, Cash keeps me accountable for my exercise!