Wednesday, August 25, 2010


On Tuesday I had a strange day.  First day of school for my newly turned 16 year old and even going to a new high school in our city.  Went down hill from there:  microwave shooting electricity, we had to put our dog of 13 years to sleep, the roast in the crock-pot was still frozen at 5:00 PM and amusingly my daughter went from a blond to a brunette!  But, may I say that I did feel joy in my heart the whole day although a lot of tears and frustration.  Thank you Lord for knowing me and knowing what is ahead of me each day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am going to title this post “Change  ” because that is what I and my family have been experiencing in the past two weeks.  Change can be good and most of the time it excites me, but this change alters life.  Let me start with the first change:

Garrett turns 16 and gets his drivers license.  These are pictures of his first day of school today.  Like a crazy mom I drove through his new high school and had to take a picture of his truck at his new high school….1 of 7!  (only Freshman and Sophomores in this school for now).

Garrett 4 Garrett 2

Second Change:
Elizabeth graduates from the University of North Texas:

 P1020997 P1030041 P1030007

Third Change:
Matt leaves the nest for Texas State Technical College to study graphic design and advertising! I don’t have any pictures yet at his new school!  I am so very excited for him, but when I saw his empty room…it hurt my heart!  


Fourth Change:
Today Pat took Pope, our dog for 13 years, to be put to sleep.  Our dogs mean so much to our family and he was so special.  He really was Pat’s dog and you could tell.  We found him 13 years ago at a marina in East Texas called Pope’s Marina, so the name stuck!  Pope traveled every weekend with Pat to and from the ranch.  He loved it and was so excited when Pat asked him “You wanna go to Hico!”  Pope would answer in is his own chatter!  I found a few pictures to share.
P1000339 P1000698 100-266

God leads us through many journeys in our lifetime and sometimes it is scary not knowing what the future holds.  But, God has shown me His presence and has assured me that He is with me and knows this journey in which is ahead.  In my experience of this change in our family since 2008, I have discovered that there are many gifts along the way.  Although there have been difficult days and days of tears, there have been  many more days of joy and peace that only comes from Him.  He has taken these trials to teach me more about Himself and prune me in ways that hurt, but I am a better and stronger person for it.  My faith is stronger and my goal each day is to surrender…but when I surrender, I have to trust and that doesn’t always come to easy. I have to trust Him with my children as they grow and leave this nest, So, embrace the change as it will come. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Graduate

The University of North Texas Graduate, Elizabeth Rae Easterling! 

P1030009 P1030012 P1030021
P1030026 P1030019 P1030015
We are so very proud of you! 

Friday, August 20, 2010


“I don’t want an ordinary life.  I want to live for you.  I want to spend my life investing in people and projects that will outlast me.  I want to lead people to personal faith in Jesus Christ.  I am available to you, for whatever you want me to do with my life.” 
 I read this prayer in Carol Kent’s blog. As I read the above prayer, my heart cried out “Lord, this is my prayer. She says it perfectly.” Although Carol’s life takes an unexpected turn, she still makes herself available to Him discovering the sweet spot of grace which makes her life full of meaning, fulfillment and purpose. The subject of her blog was the book, Eat, Pray, Love and now the new movie starring Julia Roberts. Carol said she was curious about an author and a book selling over seven million love pray
I haven’t read the book or seen the movie, but in my life, I have found only one thing that can satisfy my longings, search or fill that need I crave. It is God. He knows me. He is so intimate with me. I will give you an example. I have been asked to lead the Bible study this semester for our Christian Women’s Job Corp. It starts next week, so I started to read the study this morning and prepare. Doubt, a little fear and pride arose in me. My thoughts were I can’t do this. I’ve never done this before. But God gave me reassurance during my quiet time that he wants me to stretch myself and trust Him.  He will provide everything I need to carry out what he has asked me to do.   Thank you Lord for your precious assurance. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Garrett's Surprise 16th Birthday Party

Thursday night we through a surprise birthday party for Garrett for his big 16!!  He was definitely clueless and seeing his face was priceless.  My friends, Wendy & Dennis, hosted the party at their beautiful home.  I rented a wet slide and they had a great time...a little rough play at times too!  Garrett has great friends!  On Friday morning I took G to get his drivers license and I haven't seen him much since then.  I really have to pinch myself to think that my youngest is now driving.  It felt like empty nest this weekend...not sure I like that much.  Enjoy the photos!  

my fourth child...Paxton

no doubt...some bball!

DId I tell you was miserably hot out here!