Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Facts About My Daughter

Sis listed these 25 random facts about herself today on her Facebook. She had me laughing out loud. Those of you who know her will love her more, and those of you who don't will know her better. What a sweetheart my daughter is! I am sorry, but I do have bragging rights!
From Sis:

1. I love my friends who I may never see but we can always pick up where we left off.

2. For some reason tights make me feel funny.

3. When people talk about burps and farts I really gag.

4. I usually try my hardest to fix things before calling for backup. like a broken toilet or something. Home remedies!

5. Ask my brothers and they will tell you I am too "mom like".

6. I lately feel guilty for almost the smallest things that do not matter.

7. I think names are so interesting.

8. My name was Jessica when I was born but my parents changed it a couple hrs after.

9. I use to think it was cool to tell people I was babybop's voice's cousin somehow long distance.

10. I hate blow drying my hair but always do.

11. I feel like myself when I am in my boots.

12. Nothing is better then Chips salsa and some fajitas!

13. I dig guys with dark hair and dark eyes.

14. No one knows me better then Eli and my mom.

15. Pitching is one of my favorite past time memories.

16. I usually always sing in the car. I wish I had a voice with some "Texas Twang" like Miranda Lambert.

17. I settle with stuff sometimes before deciding what I really think.

18. I can never find a pair of socks that are the same.

19. I love John and Kate plus 8.. as lame as that may sound.

20. When I am alone, I always know my surroundings.

21. No two sandwiches will taste the same!

22. I usually leave the mall because I always picture an outfit in my mind and then cant find it! very frustrating. I don't even know if the outfit exist!

23. My all time fear is loosing someone before telling them goodbye.

24. I think its annoying when people use "Don't" in the wrong form. For ex: "I don't got any"

25. I always shut the door then look back to make sure I shut it.

Ice Day at Home

It doesn't matter how old you are! Everyone loves an ice day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Sweet 16 Brianna

Happy Birthday my sweet niece, Brianna! I am so proud of you and the Godly woman you have become! I hope your birthday is special as you are. I am glad to call you mine too!


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Monday, January 26, 2009

Memory Lane Monday

Aren't They Precious?
Can we visit those days one more time? I miss them!
Doesn't G look just like Pat?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog Creating

Hey there! It feels like Monday doesn't it? Hope your day has been good. My girlfriend since college, Misty, has a plaster craft/ceramic painting studio called Paint'N Station in Oklahoma City. She actually helped me start the same business here in Fort Worth and Bedford in 1993. My business was called Kids Paint Too! Her entrepreneurship lasted 15 years longer than mine. I was not cut out for the business which was labor intensive since I made all of the plastercraft and it required working on the weekends. Also let me mention that I started the business in 1993 and had a baby in 1994. Her business is booming and she doesn't have a web site. Mis wears many hats, but not a technology hat. So, friend Paige here is helping out. I was visiting with a another girlfriend who has a web design business and she said that more companies are using blogs like a website. Well, I have created a website for my mom and her business, but that was a lot of work, so I am trying the blog route for the Paint'N Station. I got very frustrated today because I accidentally created the blog under my account and was able to snatch the paintinstation blogspot address. I had to learn how to transfer the blog to another account. It worked but was so time consuming to figure out. I will let you know when it is up and running so you can take a peek at it.
I watched and listened to the inauguration today. I may have not voted for Obama, but I will now pray and support him.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Check This Story Out at Lavender Chick

For today's post, I want you to visit Debi blog at Lavender Chick. She has an interesting story.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

G Basketball

I was sent some new pictures from our local dad photographer, Tim. He takes such good shots of the guys playing basketball. I cherish these pictures, and especially since I stink at photography.
The Cougars are having a good year this season and their last few games have been nail biters. "Nanny" and "Grandma", he scored 21 points in the game last week. He is fun to watch!

My First Blog Award!

I received my first blog award! Thanks to Paige at Mommy to a Charli Girl for my very first award, The Honesty Award. I am honored and blessed, so hugs to you, Paige!
The rules for this award are: First, choose a minimum of seven blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Secondly, show the seven winners' names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap". Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. Lastly, list at least ten honest things about yourself. I was also tagged by Debra at 3 Chicks and a Magnet for a blogger game. The rules for this game of tag are as follows: list six random or weird facts about yourself, and then tag six others. Here it goes ...(I will try to combine the answers, if possible). My seven winners are:
1. Melissa at Stretch Marks. I have never officially met Melissa here in blog land, but I read her blog everyday. She has me laughing out loud most of the time, or dropping tears on my keyboard. She is a very talented writer who is a genuine Christ Follower who loves the Lord.
2. Linda at Engraved in His Palms. She was one of my very first blogger friends who prayed for Pat and I this summer, and she was faithful to email me and encourage me. She is honest and transparent as God calls us each to be.
3. LMP Blog. Beth Moore at Life Proof Ministries' blog is where many blogger friends meet and share their hearts and souls. Beth Moore has always been one of my favorite Bible Study Leaders. On this blog she interacts with women daily with laughs, tears, and encouragement. I read her blog daily for encouragement.
4. All Things In Moddy. Hollie is a new friend of mine. Her blog design is adorable as well as her precious little girl and I love babie! She is refreshing and loves the Lord. She must have something great to say to have 180 followers!
5. Jillian, Inc. Jill is just refreshing and witty! She was one of my very first blogger buddies. She has also got it going on in the style arena. She is definitely blessed with a beautiful family that I enjoy reading about.
6. Lavender Chick. Debi just cracks me up! She has an amazing life on a Lavender Farm in the beautiful hill country in Texas. She shares with us about the "going ons" on her farm. We are even planning on meeting halfway sometime I hope in the near future.
7. 3 Chicks and a Magnet. Of all seven listed here, I have actually met Debra. What a Godly woman who has had many trials in her life lately, but has faced them with courage, strong faith ad trust. She has seen miracles in her life as I have. What impresses me the most...she home schools!
Ten things about me:
1. I don't take criticism very well.
2. I find joy in the weirdest things in this life.
3. I cry easily. I cry when I am happy, mad and angry.
4. My husband still gives me butterflies.
5. I am a very optimistic person.
6. I have seen God's miracles many times in my life.
7. I guess I am going to have to admit that I am high maintenance.
8. I am a techno junkie. I love computers. software, new phones, blogging, etc.
9. I absolutely love shopping!
10. I love the Lord more than anything on this earth!
Well, l think this is enough. This made my brain hurt!

Don't Be Shy

Did you know it's De-Lurking Week? I didn't until I read it on Kat's blog. It's always nice to meet those who enjoy reading our blogs. Sooooo...please play along--you can stay anonmous and just say hi--or you can give your name and I will say hi. Please join in national de-lurking week--How Fun!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to School

College starts next week and Sis left to go back to her apartment today. It just makes me so sad. She texted me saying that she was packed and crying. Well, that made me cry. I got use to her being gone and now I was use to her being home. We are so much a like and sometimes that is good and bad and comical Pat would say! What a great kid and I am so proud of her! What determination and drive she has. God has great things in store for this perky sweetheart! I love you, Sis!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Have To Admit I Am Addicted!

Who would of thought that I would like books about vampires? I kept hearing about all of the hype and some of my close friends were telling me that that they were wonderful and hard to put down. Well, that is my kind of book. I waited for the perfect time to begin, which was over the holidays. I thought the first book was a slow start, but picked up steam quickly. I am now reading the second book, "New Moon" and I find myself searching for short periods of time so I can read. Well, better get my things done so I can read before bed! Have you met Edward?

Random, Busy Day

It has been a busy, but random day. The "to do list" is long, so just wading through it. Nothing like the feel of checking it off though! Wouldn't you agree! Today has been moving and shuffling papers. I did get the property taxes paid...don't like that feeling at all. Cha-Ching. G sweetly asked me to bring him lunch and I agreed because that way I could leave this desk and buy my "have to have" sweet tea. In my town, I know where the best tea is. My first pick is Chick-fil-A. Hope you had a productive day.


Monday, January 12, 2009


Last Thursday I got to meet up with Debra at Starbucks. She brought her two "peeps" (as she calls them) along with her and we had a really good time sipping a new concoction she drinks, green tea sweetened lemonade. Debra and I met four months ago when I went to spend the day with Becky Tirabassi when she was speaking in Debra's city. Debra and I hit it off quickly and now we phone, text, blog, and email regularly. She is an amazing woman of faith and it just made my day to sweet her smiling face. Let's do it again, Debra! xoxo

Memory Lane Monday

New born, Bubba!

This portrait was made as a surprise for Pat on Christmas 1994.

Don't you love the hair? 1992
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Memory Lane Monday is back! Do you want to know why that is all of a sudden? I found pictures that I actually backed up. My computer crashed in October and I was so upset because I thought I had lost my old pictures forever. This was an answer to prayer. So, I found some oldies but goodies for you to chuckle at!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello Friends!

Well, I think I am finished with my blog color reconstruction for now. Lime green is my new favorite color this year. I am working on another header, but having some difficulties with it for now. Gosh I have been so productive this week. First of all, I have cooked three meals in a row and tonight Pat will be totally shocked when he sees it on the stove. To cook more was my one and only New Year's resolution. Second, I cleaned my pantry. It took lover two hours. After I cleaned it out it looked like we didn't have any more food. Bubba opened it and said "Wow Mom!". Third, I just finished cleaning out my cabinet in the laundry room that holds old towels, gift sacks and miscellaneous cords for phones and other know the ones that you afraid to throw away because someone will be looking for it in two years! Oh, and I got my tree down yesterday. That felt real good. I sure feel sorry for the trash that will be on my curb tomorrow!
I don't want to sound too chipper as my heart is breaking for two of my friends. My long-time friends, Paul and Lawanda, lost their awaited grandson, Andrew Justin, last night due to complications from the umbilical cord. Please keep them and the mom and dad, Justin and Lauren, in your prayers. This young couple have amazing faith and they say that they are thankful for a Sovereign God, who is in control. I agree. I have a new friend, Linda, whose husband was killed in an head-on collision December 29th by a drunk driver just a few minutes from her home. They have three small children. Please pray for Linda and her children as they mourn their loss.
Let this remind us again that life is precious and we are not promised tomorrow. But, during our sorrow and pain, God is collecting all of our tears and loves us more than we could ever know. Thank you, Lord.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

This Site Under Color Change Construction!

This site is under color change construction! I should be taking down the Christmas Tree!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome Marnie!

One of my dearest friends, Marnie at Smith To the Fifth, just started blogging. Stop by and say hello and make her feel welcome. We have been friends for several years now. She is an amazing woman, mother, and wife who loves the Lord and I am grateful for our friendship. Welcome Marnie to a new addiction!