Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Son - Official Movie Trailer

Did you recognize the mom?  Yep, that is me!  How did I get the opportunity to do a movie?  

Paige Easterling

Sharri Clarke

A few months after the tragic loss of her husband to pancreatic cancer, Paige Easterling was asked by a friend to audition for a role in MY SON. With no prior acting experience, Paige was uncertain why God had placed such an unfamiliar opportunity in front of her. Looking back, she found that her involvement in the film proved to be a gift from God that aided in the healing process. Paige is the owner of a residential window replacement business and volunteers at her church, First Baptist of Burleson.


Cadon wasn't going anywhere . . . until he met Jess. Now that Jess and her young son Austin are living with him, his life seems to have direction and purpose.

But when they lose custody of Austin under questionable circumstances, Cadon feels responsible. His hope of having a normal family is all but lost. Desperate to keep Jess, Cadon turns to his lifelong friend Bo for help to reclaim their son.

He is willing to do anything.
Love Has No Limits.

As their plan unfolds and tensions escalate, Cadon finds himself trapped in a hostage crisis in a small church. With the situation spiraling out of control, Cadon, Jess and Bo will each have life-changing decisions to make. MY SON tells the story behind a too-real tragedy interwoven with a message of hope that can overcome even our worst choices.

History of the Film

In its continuing efforts to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ, Retta Baptist Church has sought new and creative ways to accomplish this goal. One example of this is Retta's long history of ministry through media, including music videos and documentaries. In the summer of 2011, the vision of spreading the Gospel through media was expanded in the hearts of those at Retta to include the possibility of producing a feature film. Throughout the entire production process, from the writing of the script to the shooting of the film to the current marketing efforts, the goal has remained the same: to share with as many people as possible the message of hope and new life that Jesus offers in a way that they can relate to and will be easily accessible to them.


Principle photography for MY SON began on July 27th, 2012 and concluded August 24th after 26 days of near continuous filming. Additional scenes were shot in October of 2012 and March of 2013. A crew of more than 40 volunteers contributed behind the scenes in various roles during the filming process. Private homes, churches, and local businesses in the Texas cities of Burleson, Alvarado, Mansfield, and River Oaks provided the backdrop for the film's scenes. 

The movie premiers on September 20th!  

The Graduate!

Every time I open up this blog, I always say I miss it.  Time passes and so much of life has too!  As of June 10th, I know longer have a child in school.  Garrett graduated, we celebrated and now getting ready for him to go off to college in August.  

Graduation celebration began with a party with his two best friends, Paxton and Alex at Leslie and Jeff's followed by a cruise with more friends. Garrett and I  left on the 13th for a four night stay and a day trip to Cozumel.  A lot of great memories were made.
The Three!
The Three Moms of the Three!
June 10th was the big graduation!

After graduation, Garrett and I, his friends and my two girlfriends went on a cruise!

Paxton, Alex & Garrett

Leslie & Kay

Thanks for the great memories, G!  I love you! Photobucket