Monday, March 2, 2015

The Crooked Path

"Consider what God has done. Who can straighten what he has made crooked? (Ecclesiastes 7:13)

God often seems to place his children in places of deep difficulty, leading them into a corner from which there is no escape. He creates situations that human judgment, even if consulted, would never allow.

Your situation is filled with uncertainty and is very serious but it is perfectly right. The reason behind it will more than justify Him who brought you here, for it is a platform from which God will display His almighty grace and power.

He not only will deliver you but in doing so will impart a lesson that you will never forget. And in days to come, you will return to the truth of it through singing. You will be unable to ever thank God enough for doing exactly what He has done. ~Streams in the Desert.

This is the devotion for March 1st in Streams in the Desert and I see that I have noted with a purple highlighter 2012.  “Into a corner from which there is no escape” is where I have been many times and this particular place began in November 2011. I made the decision to continue our small business after my husband died and I didn’t not know how it would end up, but believed in faith that I was in God’s will. Now it is three years later and really don't know what is next. Cloudiness of the circumstance as stated above says it very simply for me.  I felt I heard a promise from God and I faithfully followed that promise and believed. I felt uncertainty, anxiety and fear but in my heart I felt I was being obedient.   It certainly has guided me to the other side without a financial win, but I have felt His hand all along the way and He certainly has a plan for me.  Not knowing what the promise meant, I believed it to be and I have to depend on the reason behind it and I pray that in this journey God’s grace and power will be displayed.  Now I believe He has given me a new promise that He will not only deliver me but in doing so I will take the great lessons I have learned and allow the experience, pain and joy of the past three years to transform me.

If you find yourself in this place, trust Him. He is faithful and He loves you!