Friday, June 6, 2008


Gosh it feels so good for school to be out and two of the three kids agree! Sis started a Spanish class last week and will take Spanish I and II this summer. She came home for a couple of weeks before school started and it was great to have her in the house again! The summer calendar is filling fast. G is playing basketball this summer in three leagues. His Heat team is playing in two different leagues and he is also playing with the soon-to-be ninth graders for about a month in a local school league. There is never too much basketball for him. Bubba got a job at a local sporting goods store and he really likes it. (If only he didn't have a shoe addiction!) He and G will be attending church camp together and then the following week, Bubba will be a children's camp counselor for the fourth year with our church. Pat and I are just following and driving G around and enjoying the relaxed schedule for this summer. We are planning a vacation the first of August to Florida and we are really looking forward to that.

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