Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well I am back! I hope to be permanently back to join the blogging world! I truly miss blogging and my blogging friends! I know a few friends who took a break from blogging for a bit (Meg) and are back too!
Christmas came and went. It was good! We traveled to OKC to my sister's and we had to tackle ice on the road on the day after Christmas. It was quite treacherous! Pat had a birthday on New Year's Eve and we spent it the ranch, just he and I. The kids were doing their on thing. 2009 was quite a year. A lot of change, but growth was seen in 2009. God has been so good to The Easterlings and we give Him all of the glory. 2010 is a year of "Expectancy" as we see what God has for our future.
Clear Choice of Fort Worth, our new business, is going strong. November was a great month. We are both excited. Pat is putting in 12 hour days, but has thoroughly enjoyed it. My best friend, Laura, has been working for him and she is such an asset to Clear Choice. Clear Choice is a residential replacement company. I love the story that Pat shared with me the other day. This lady called and said that she wanted to talk to him about getting information for she and her son. Pat gave his best sales spill and after he was finished she said "I don't want windows, I want dentures!" Clear Choice is a name of a denture place here in the metroplex. That cracked me up!
The house is still on the market. I will say that has been quite frustrating at times. Yes, it is great to come home to a "showable" house, but hard to keep it clean during the week. I have now been at my job for seven months. Wow has time gone by so fast! I absolutely love my job and thankful comes out of my mouth whenever I talk about it! To be able to be paid to do what you would do for free is an amazing feeling. It was quite an adjustment at first, but now is feeling very normal.
Second semester has begun for G. Sis and Bubba start back to college in a few days. Elizabeth will graduate after the summer semester. Bubba is taking some classes at the local community college. Our kids make us so blessed Pat and I are.
Well here is a summary of what is going on with us. Hope to post some new pictures soon.

Blogger friends! Thanks for stopping by. I will be stopping over at your blog soon!

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