Monday, March 19, 2012

Congrats to G!

The storm finally came in but not as quick as they predicted.   Garrett and I are home tonight and we were both laughing at Hank because he doesn't like to get his paws wet and if you don't watch out, he will do his business on the porch!  What a funny pup!  Garrett has taught him how to sit, but unfortunately, we don't think he hears very well, so we are working on hand signals.  

I wanted to share that Garrett made first team District 7-3A Boys Basketball Team! Congratulations to Doug Hopkins for first team and Curtis Amos as Newcomer of the Year!

What an exciting year of basketball for the Centennial boys. It was pure joy watching Garrett play this year.  In September, I remember sitting in the oncologist office in Tulsa and worrying about scheduling Pat's treatment and praying we would not miss many of Garrett's games during the season.  Of course, I didn't think for one minute that  Pat wouldn't be here  and I specifically remember crying  and asking God why he would allow Pat to leave us during basketball season..  As instantly as I asked him, he answered, "because it is what you enjoy the most".  Yes, he was right. Watching Garrett play kept us busy and help us to change our focus for just a while.  

It blesses my heart so much knowing that G scored 30 points in what would be Pat's last game to watch his son play on that Monday before he left  us on Saturday. I am so proud of Garrett as he played with such heart, determination and pure dedication to his team with a broken heart. Their team made it to the second round of playoffs and it was very exciting. What a great year, Spartans!

Well, the thunder is loud and I am enjoying watching Hank stare at the lightning. He cracks me up!  Cash thinks he pretty fun too!


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