Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Graduate!

Every time I open up this blog, I always say I miss it.  Time passes and so much of life has too!  As of June 10th, I know longer have a child in school.  Garrett graduated, we celebrated and now getting ready for him to go off to college in August.  

Graduation celebration began with a party with his two best friends, Paxton and Alex at Leslie and Jeff's followed by a cruise with more friends. Garrett and I  left on the 13th for a four night stay and a day trip to Cozumel.  A lot of great memories were made.
The Three!
The Three Moms of the Three!
June 10th was the big graduation!

After graduation, Garrett and I, his friends and my two girlfriends went on a cruise!

Paxton, Alex & Garrett

Leslie & Kay

Thanks for the great memories, G!  I love you! Photobucket
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