Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hangin Out at the Double E

This weekend the weather was just about perfect! Pat and I were able to go to Hico and do some work there. I learned how to aeriate the pasture for the first time. I was on the tractor for six hours. The only trouble I had was trying to figure out where I had been each time I made it around the pasture. Oh, and the sneezing that carried on in the evening from all of the grass and dust.

Before we left this morning to come back to Burleson, we went to check the cows. There were two calves on the other side of the fence, so I took off on foot to guide them to the right side of the fence. One of the calves was only 30 hours old and I actually missed his birth by 20 minutes on Friday. He is solid black and adorable. When I approached him he was resting and was not scared of me at all. I petted him and kissed his little face. I had to pick him up to stand. We have over 75 calves on the ground right now. They look like little puppies running and kicking their heels! I wish I had taken a picture to share.
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