Sunday, February 24, 2008

We Have Twins

We have twins....twin calves that is! They are adorable and look just like their mamma. Here are a few pics!



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This last weekend on Friday at noon, Pat and I headed to the ranch. We needed to feed, hay and move the heifers to the pasture near the working pens before dark. We got on the four-wheeler with a bag of feed and the heifers followed us into the pens and we locked them in. Going back to the original pasture to make sure we didn't leave any calves, we found 15! We got behind them on the four-wheeler and drove them to the pasture that was adjacent to the pens. It went pretty smoothly although one of the calves went through the fence. We went to get that calf and looked up and all 15 of them came back! I left the gate open. Oh my gosh! It then took us three hours to try to get them into the pasture again, but they won and we gave up. We just let the heifers out of the pens to find their calves. I forgot to say that Pat was on the four-wheeler and I was on foot! I fell a couple of times, rolled a couple of times, and banged my head on a tree limb! I also lost my Ray Ban sunglasses that Sis got me for Christmas. We were exhausted.

Saturday morning we woke up early to start the day as we knew it would be a long one. On our way to the pens, Pat was on the four-wheeler while I drove the truck. He found my glasses in the middle of the pasture. I couldn't believe it!

We headed to the pens to worm the heifers and then work the calves (which means we castrated, vaccinated, and dehorned). We have 75 calves and this took all day long. We actually enjoyed our day. The treat was finding the twins and taking the pictures! A big thanks to Brian, Lecia, John and Brandon for all of your help.
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