Thursday, May 1, 2008


Pat has to have surgery tomorrow, nothing major, but please keep him in your prayers. Thanks to our friend, Greg, from our Home Bible Fellowship as he was able to get Pat into see a surgeon quickly as he is in management at a local hospital. The surgeon called us at home last night, scheduled to see him today, and then scheduled the surgery for tomorrow, Friday. The doctor doesn't work on Fridays, so we can see that this was a "God thing" as Pat was not scheduled to see the surgeon until Monday and the pain is getting worse. Thanks Greg!

G has a basketball tournament this week. They had tests the first of the week and going on field trips the last of the week. Today they went to the Ranger game and tomorrow they hit the zoo.

Bubba got a new job at Hibbets Sporting Goods and starts tomorrow. What a perfect job for him as he is working around all of the things he loves...particularly shoes! Stop in and see him.

Cash, our new puppy, has grown so much in the past week! We really love him and he is a lot of fun. Gosh, I will be glad when the biting and chewing is over. I just had to leave my computer just now as he had a whole roll of chewed toilet paper all over the living room. We almost have the potty training down. He may not know his name yet, but he does know the word "biscuit"!

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