Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Big Surprise!

Matt surprised his Mom and brother this last weekend on Friday with a surprise visit from Colorado. Dad was in on the surprise, but I was caught totally off guard. I arrived home from work Friday afternoon and he answered the door! I squealed, cried and squealed again! It was an amazing weekend and I was so very thankful. He looked like a mountain guy to me....goatee and mountain sandals! I loved it! He stayed until Sunday about 6:00 pm and arrived back in Colorado 17 hours or so later. Unfortunately he got a migraine on the way and was not able to help drive much. He is still getting migraines and hopefully we can do some testing when he gets back on August 15th. Right now he is trying to get his little brother to attend camp the first week in August, so we will see if we can get that together. "Dad, can G have some miles?" I have missed blogging and wish I could have more time for it. Fortunately, a lot of my blogger friends are on Facebook, so I can at least stay in touch. If you are on FB and we aren't friends yet, please look me up!

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