Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Sis had a wreck on Monday, but it wasn't her fault. She was just a few minutes from her house. A girl was trying to break and slid on the wet pavement. So, she has had to deal with that this week.
I am so excited that I can't stand it! Two of my most favorite things to buy new is a new phone or a new car. I got the IPhone! Woo hoo! I have been waiting for so long and it happened and I am tickled. I am a nerd at heart and anything techno makes me excited!
G is getting ready to go to Colorado to camp at Camp Redcloud where Matt is working. He and his friend are going and they are pumped! Matt is excited too. Please pray to keep the travelers (by plane and driving back with Matt) safe.
The rain has been so nice and we are so very thankful. Pat has been hanging out at the ranch this week and we have had even more rain there than here at the house. Now that is exciting!
That is a small update for the fam! Have a great weekend.
Before I go I want to ask for your prayers, faithful blogger friends. One of Matt's childhood friends, Chad (19) who he grew up with and lived two houses down was shot in a random drive by shooting last Friday night on I-35 near Burleson. He and a friend were coming home from a concert and their truck was shot at. There was a truck filled with people in the back and the police suspect that it was a gang initiation. Two guns fired into the truck and one struck Chad in the back, grazed his shoulder, broke a rib and stopped in his throat. He is suppose to have surgery tomorrow morning at 7:15 a.m. He is a very blessed young man and the doctors say that he could have easily been paralized or the bullet came so close to vital organs. God certainly has a plan for Chad and I am thankful that all things happen according to His good purpose. Praying for you, Chad!


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