Friday, September 4, 2009

What Have We Been Up To?

It has been busy! Matt got home from Colorado on August 15th and he is now going to school at TCC and working at my church in the after school program. Elizabeth resigned from the bank and will start a new job on Monday with a financial investment firm. She is excited and so thrilled that she does not have to work on Saturday mornings anymore! Garrett has adjusted to high school and he says that he really likes the freedom. The freshman class has 770 freshman. This week he was nominated as the top three boys in the class for the homecoming court. How exciting for G! Oh, one more important event in G's life...he got his drivers permit two weeks ago. Fortunately, he has had a lot of experience driving at the ranch, so his driving skills are not too bad. I just keep wishing time would slow a bit! As mentioned in the previous blog, we put our house on the market a week ago. Pat has been working hard in the yard and around the house to get it ready. We got new carpet to replace Cash's gel pen fun. I have also had to do several florals for my house. I should have done this long before now. Trying to keep the house cleaned and picked up has been a challenge, but I love coming home to a clean house and made beds! Looking forward to a great, long weekend and I am anticipating my 25th wedding anniversary next Tuesday! Pat, you and I rock!

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