Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Beginning of the Final Chapter

As I write, we are driving to Pegosa Springs, Colorado to enjoy our favorite place, but most importantly to carry Pat's ashes to rest in what He called God's country. This trip is certainly going to be bitter sweet and it is hard to believe we are traveling without him. After all he is the first one to introduce me to beautiful Colorado in the summer time in July of 1983.

There are six of us riding in a black, rented Toyota Sequoia. Nice ride. Matt has been driving since we left Burleson after 10 this morning and we are arriving Amarillo. Arty and Alex are joining the four of us. Elizabeth has the prime stop in the very back!

It doesn't feel like seven months since Pat left us and over time it has gotten harder. We miss him so much.

Ready to see the mountains!
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