Sunday, July 8, 2012


On this date I would always ask Pat, "You know what today is?" His answer was "no" most of the time. 31 years ago my future husband waltzed in to Lake Murray Lodge wearing his hirache sandals (never saw those before) and soon asked that girl behind the desk wearing her yellow britches if she could go out with one of her tenants". As you know she said "yes". 

Pat has been gone over seven months now and my heart hurts just as much or more than the day we said goodbye.  I still say to myself almost every day, "I can't believe he is gone."  Life is so different now and offers me so many challenges and many times beyond my comfort zone.  God calls that pruning and it hurts.  

Today I received a FB message that read: " God put you on my heart this AM. Seems as if he told me to pray that you would have courage to continue to stand strong. Resonate?"  As I read these words I just started to cry as I knew that God just used my friend to send me a direct message.  "Have courage, Paige".   I need a lot of that right now.  

God is faithful and I am holding onto that promise.
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