Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Matthew My Man

Birthdays are popular at my house in February. Matthew Ayers was born on February 6, 1990 on his Grandma Carnes birthday. Happy 23rd birthday! His birth was a play by play because his grandpa Lou was in California. What makes it more weird is that my doctor new Lou too, so Pat was the middle man in the conversation back and forth. Matt was induced early that morning and made his arrival around 2 pm, I think. He was also that baby whose baby book was only slightly started and unfinished today.

Not quite sure when he was called Bubba by his big sister, but his little bro still calls him that. Matt was a pretty baby and he had a temper. Wet wash rags usually tamed his scream. That doesn't work now.

I have never known a brotherly love as Matt and Garrett share.  They are four and a half years a part which kept the older one young and made the younger one old.  The two of them loved playing basketball and hunting with their dad. What great role model you have been for Garrett, Matt.

I would describe Matt as an ole soul even when he was very young. As long as I can remember he loved the Lord. He possesses a loyal and passionate heart and is an easy going gentleman who loves to encourage and pray with others. For his age, he has always had wonderful relationships with many adults in his life and truly has so many people who love him. 

One of the biggest gifts Matt had was a father that truly left his impression and taught him life lessons. While Pat was sick Matt stepped up to the plate and made sure all was taken care of around the house and ranch. I truly do not know what I would have done without him this past year. He quit college to learn about the window company and then took on the role of our salesman. Matt has had many adventures, risks and trials and I have watched how these events have shaped and molded him into the Godly man he is today. 

This mom is truly blessed and grateful for you, Matt!


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