Monday, February 4, 2013

Her Name Is Elizabeth

On February 3, 1987 at 10:07 AM, Elizabeth changed her mom and dad's life forever weighing in at 8 lbs 6 oz. with the  plumpest cheeks you have ever seen.  She had a massive amount of dark hair with a slight curl.  The minute that nurse laid that sweet baby upon my chest, I heard her daddy whisper, "Lookie there.  She is beautiful."  As I glanced at her daddy's face, I could see tears rolling down his face as I was wiping mine.

We named her Elizabeth Rae, but the name we were calling her when she was born was Jessica Rae.  While I was in recovery, Pat popped back to check on me.  He and his dad, Lou, were headed to down to the cafeteria to have some breakfast. Pat said, "Do you like the name Elizabeth?  That was my grandmother's middle name."  With out hesitation, my answer was, "Yes!"  I loved it.  The long, beautiful name, Elizabeth Rae Easterling, fit her perfectly, but I knew she would not be happy with our choice while trying to learn to write her name in first grade! Elizabeth received a second name when her brother, Matthew, came along as he called her sissy and now is shortened to Sis by both of her brothers today. 

When I am describing daughter to someone who has not had the privilege of meeting her, I tell them that she is beautiful, funny, ditsy, loyal, passionate, kind, dedicated and sweet, and when she walks into a room you know that she has arrived.  

Her warmth lights up the room when she arrives. She loves family and hanging out with her friends.  She has the biggest heart and loves to take care of anyone who will let her.

Elizabeth is a daddy's girl and her life has been rocked without him this year.  Her daddy liked to call her sis and sugar.  He would be so very proud of you today, Elizabeth and how you have gone out into this great big world to see what it has to offer you, but most of all what you are offering the world.  

I am blessed to call you daughter, and now that you are an amazing woman, I can call you friend.  You are my biggest cheerleader and encourager and I love you dearly.

I hope that your 26th birthday was a sweet one!  You are my Wiz-za-buff!

All my love,
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