Sunday, March 3, 2013

Honey Do List

The honey do list is getting longer.  Those heavy Christmas decoration boxes in the garage need to be moved to the attic.  The light bulbs in the fixtures outside are out and I don't know how to disassemble them.  That shelf under the living TV needs to be hung and the door on my desk fell off.   We still haven't bought that push mower for the yard yet and the weeks are looking atrocious. I wonder if it is time to fertilize?  I hate to be a nag.  After all, Pat said it was nagging if I ask him to do something for me more than once.  Well, here it goes, I need to ask the boys today to help me and I will do that after church.

So after church, I bring home some lunch and ask the boys to do me a favor.  Their answer was simply, sure.  Wow!  That was easy.  Matt purchases the lawn mower. Garrett puts together the new firewood holder that is needed for the backyard and shows me how to use the edger. They haul those heavy boxes up the stairs and I am relieved. It feels so good to get those little things done.   

Matt and I head out to Lowes to purchase more items to finish off the to do list. What are we going to do with Hank this summer as he gets sunburn so easily?  As he and I search the isles looking for a solution, I am reminded of the days that Pat and I made these trips together.  Pat, you would be so proud of your boys!  They have proudly stepped into your shoes trying so hard to be of help and support to me.  Did you know they act like you too? They do and it just makes me smile!  

Oh, one more reminder I had today of you....we had to buy cherry sours at Tractor Supply!  


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