Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Last Leg

The greatest challenge in receiving great things from God is holding on for the last half hour~~Streams in the Desert.

When I read that this morning I had a heavy heart asking God to show me something. I just want to hear His voice as I need His wisdom, discernment and guidance (w/d/g) for my business.  I have a list of Promises He has given me over the past year in regard to my business.  Promises from His word that are written in the front of my Bible. It was only a few years ago that I was skipping the Old Testament chapters. I considered them boring and jumped to the New Testament.  The Psalms and Proverbs kept my attention. This 365 day Bible was created to read each daily.  Maybe some day was my thought. I wonder why I read February 1st reading of Exodus 14:13 on October 5, 2010?  It is noted in the margin. That was the day Pat was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage 4.   I may need to read my journal and hope that I noted what lead me to Exodus on that day.  

Back to the Promises. I am thinking about them because I need to read them again. What exactly did they say....or better yet what was my interpretation. I am so glad that I took the time to scribble them in ink on the first blank page in faith. Faith based on his Promises alone. I need to read them now because I have been believing on what I cannot see.

This has been a very long and challenging road being a small business owner trying to learn the business as well as the secrets of it's success.    I would have given up a long time ago if it hadn't been for the Promises.  I have to trust in Him. After all, He knows the master plan. 

As far as the Old Testament, I read it now and have found that most of the Promises came from those precious books.  I truly love reading His word and wait in expectation for Him to encourage, love and speak to me.  

Since I am still in the race, I have my tennis shoes laced up tight!  I am.....

In His Grip,

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