Sunday, December 23, 2007

Take Me Back to Texas



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Oh My Gosh! Take me back to Texas quick. I am in Oklahoma City and it is too cold for me. It is 20 degrees out there with ice on the ground. We are spending time with my sister, Kelly, and her husband, Brian this weekend. Kelly & Brian are cooking breakfast right now and I should be helping! Our families, plus Mom, played dirty Santa last night with $5 gifts. That was fun and it got ugly. Mom and Bubba were fighting over the lottery tickets...Bubba won, but the lottery tickets were worth zilch! I ended up with my favorite, Russell Stover candy and Pat got a sling shot! What fun he will have!

Dad, Michelle and Tiff came yesterday and left late yesterday afternoon. The roads were getting worse so they had to head out earlier than planned. Dad, I am in my white fluffy robe this morning and love it.

I smell the bacon cooking and need a refill on my coffee!

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