Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Looking Ahead A Bit!

I found a new facelift for my blog.  It has been changed four times in the past week.  Most of the fun is trying to find that unique background.  Blogging is calling my name again and I am going to try to give it another try consistently.  

It is mid July and so hard to believe how fast time is going by.  We are gearing up for August.  What a big and memorable month.  Elizabeth graduates on August 14th from North Texas, Matt departs for college in Waco.  Garrett turns 16 too! Just a mention of a couple of other events....removal of braces for Garrett and being a member of the first sophomore and student body as a Spartan at the Centennial High School in August as well. 

Before August gets here, Garrett will be playing in a lot of basketball tournaments.  This weekend in Carrollton and next week in San Antonio.  Also while we are in San Antonio, we will be going back and forth from San Antonio to New Braunfels for a family reunion on Pat's side of the family.  

More to come soon!

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