Monday, July 26, 2010

Surprise Elizabeth!

Surprise Elizabeth!  The picture with her dad is just priceless to me.  You can see it all over Pat's face. While G was playing ball out of town last Friday, Pat took the perfect opportunity to take Elizabeth for a drive and just happen to pull into a Nissan dealership to show her a car he had been looking at.  When they got out of the car and walked toward a covered garage, Pat saw the salesman and asked him if he had sold any cars today.  The guys said, "Yep, I sold one.  Actually the guy looked just like you!"  Elizabeth said that she didn't know what to say and wasn't quite sure that the red car with the big silver bow was hers or not and even argued with her dad that it wasn't!    We are so very proud of you,  Elizabeth!  So, here's to you Sissy Girl!  You are so deserving.  Red is just your color! Graduation day is August 14th and i am busy getting ready for the celebration and sending out announcements.  It is going to be a great day!
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