Saturday, September 15, 2012

Last Night on Winding Oaks

As I pulled into driveway just a bit ago I reminded myself that this will be my last night in the home we have owned for over eight years. Our previous home is just down the street, so we have been in this area of town for 17 years.

One morning in May of 2004 my realtor friends, Shelly Green and Lagatha Baxter, stopped by my house on Wild Oaks Court and invited me to go check out a new house down the street that was being built. They had a client who wanted to see the house the next day.

When I walked into this freshly sheet rocked home, I fell in love instantly and was dialing Pat's cell phone as fast as possible. I told him I found the perfect home. He said he would come home for lunch and see it. In the meantime we are asking the builder, Jeff Rasor, to be there as well. That evening at 6 we had a contract to purchase the home. Well, we had to sell our house and only had until August to sale or we would lose the house. After being on the market for 60 days we were getting concerned. But God intervened and our good friends, Andy and Brenda Ashlock, were thinking they may want to buy it. Sounded like a great solution but they had just bought a lot just down the street and they would need to sale it. God showed up again and a friend from church, Brian Melia, was interested in buying the Ashlocks' lot
as a buyer. It all came together and as we all sat around our kitchen table, an agreement was made and all the new buyers were from FBC Burleson! Wow! God was good. To top that off, Shawn and Michelle Minor, also from FBC, built their new home on the lot Brian bought.

After putting the contract on the house, I had 10 days to pick out all colors and make all the choices. That was too much pressure on me, so I hired my friend/decorator, Debbie Washuleski ,
to help me. On August 6th, Garrett's 10th birthday was celebrated while moving into our new dream home.

Now it has been eight years and life has changed for us. From August 2009 to August 2010 we put the house on the market. We didn't even get one offer and we were frustrated. It wasn't time for the house to sale as Pat was diagnosed with cancer two months after we took it off the market. God's sovereignty.

As I type this, Natalie Cole's song, "This Will Be", just came on the radio. Pat and I loved this song. How appropriate it was to stop and dance around my bathroom in my night gown just reminiscing about sweet times and great cranks of the radio he and I shared.

There are so many memories in this precious house with so many "firsts" and tonight I am experiencing my "lasts". Tonight I am camping on my pallet in my room. My heart is sad but there is joy in my heart with so much thankfulness.

When I walk out the door for the last time, it will not be easy. I will take my precious children, dogs, memories and my purple irises with me and experience change again. After alI, I am being led by the one I trust the most!


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