Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dad Is Home

Last Thursday I was calling my Dad and checking in. When he asked me if I was coming home the next weekend for Memorial Day, I knew something was wrong. After a few phone calls between Michelle, his girlfriend, and I she confirmed that he was hallucinating and she had put in a call to the doctor. He was also very dizzy and could not walk well. So, I am in waiting mode to see what is wrong. I had a hair appointment Thursday afternoon to get my hair straightened and cut so I went ahead to the appointment. At 4:30 they admitted Dad to the ER for tests, so i packed a bag and headed to Oklahoma. My sister, Kelly, was leaving from Oklahoma City at the same time. They did a CAT scan and an x-ray to check out Dad's chest as he had pneumonia a few weeks ago. They were both clear. They admitted him that night. Speaking to two doctors there at the hospital, they said that if they had to guess, he probably had a light stroke. An MRI was scheduled the next day at 11:00. The results from the MRI arrived late Friday evening. The MRI did not show any tumors or a stroke. We were so thankful. The doctors diagnosed him with a severe sinus infection and vertigo. They started antibiotics and steroids. They released him yesterday morning. He is very weak, but seems to feel a little better. Dad enjoyed my sister and I as we giggled at 12:30 a.m. while trying to get situated on a hospital bed in his semi-private room. She ended up at one end, and me at the other. Dad said that he was reminded of old times. At least we didn't end up hitting and arguing! Kelly stayed until Saturday afternoon and I came home Sunday afternoon. We are so thankful for Michelle. She unfortunately broke two of her fingers when she fell in her barn. She is a hair stylist, so she can't work right now. Bless her heart. It is just like God to arrange her time off while Dad needed her. Please pray for Dad. He is so active and will be stir crazy real soon!
The boys seemed to do okay without Mom here for four days. Pat went to a wedding without me on Saturday, and then joined Bubba and went to the Maverick game (thanks to my friend, Tami!) G passed on the Mav tickets and went to a party. While playing some basketball, he sprained his ankle. Sis came in Saturday night and went to church with Pat on Sunday morning. Yep! A beat was not skipped in my absence. I missed them all very much!

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