Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thanks to You From Bubba!

Bubba (not his real name he would like for you to know) wanted me to say "thank you" for him to all of you prayer warriors that have been praying for him these past few weeks. To update those who don't know what I am referring to, let me just tell you. About a month ago Bubba applied for a position as camp counselor for Camp Red Cloud in Lake City, Colorado. Their web site is He had an extensive application (8 or 9 pages), three references, and a two hour telephone interview. His interview was last Thursday and today he had a follow-up telephone interview. The person calling said that she had a few more questions. The first four were pretty tough. She said that the last question was very serious and that he should really think about his response. She asked "Can you tell me one of your favorite jokes". She then offered him the job. He will leave in mid May and return in the fall. We are so, so, so every excited for him and he is absolutely thrilled. So again we say thank you very much! What a great day it has been! As Bubba kept saying "God is Good"!
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