Friday, April 24, 2009

Live Writer Up and Working

I am loving Live Writer.  You are able to change fonts, do fun things with pictures, and enough to challenge me where I spend too many hours on the computer trying to figure it out!  Yep!  That’s me!  I have to know every little thing there is to know. 

It is Friday night!  Pat is at the ranch with Cash, Bubba is working and G is (where he always is) in his room!  Hopefully, I can talk him into going to get something to eat with me tonight!

I met Pat this afternoon at Pet’s Mart before he he2008 December Madness 012aded out.  He had Cash with him, so we took him into Pet’s Mart.  Well, we had to drag him in there because he was a chicken.  We introduced him to the birds, the cats, and new toys and treats!  Our reason for going into the store was to get him a “shock collar”.  I know there is a better name for it, but I can’t remember it.  See, Cash has the habit of opening the door that goes out into the garage and he tears off to the neighborhoods to visit the other pooches on the block! Pat also said that he likes visiting the neighbors at the ranch also, but they are not real close.  The house at the ranch also sits right on a county road that fast cars like to drive on.  Our goal is for Cash to obey and learn the boundaries of both yards.  I will let you know how that turns out.  By the way, Cash turned two on February 22 and we have had him one year on April 15th!   This dog still amazes me!  We now trying to teach him not to “slam” the back door when he shuts it!

Have a great weekend!


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