Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Miles I Traveled this Weekend

I was invited by my little sister, Kelly, to join her and my niece and her five girlfriends for shopping overnight in Dallas! Wow, I am so glad that I decided to join them. We had a girls' trip that was so and food, my favorite. Since Kelly lives in Oklahoma this was a great treat. Kelly, let's make this an annual trip!

After leaving Dallas I drove to Sis' new apartment to help her unpack and purchase curtains for her new room in her apartment. I wish I had taken a picture. Maybe I can post that picture soon. She is enjoying her new apartment and started her job on Monday. She called today to say that she was bored (and she was at the pool). Go figure!

The next stop was back home to pickup G and head to the ranch, known as the Double E, and meet up with dad. My mom and her friend joined us for an overnight with three dogs tagging along. One of the dogs gave birth the next morning to four little ones. I could not stomach watching that and just waited for the birth announcement.

Then, back but tired! XOXO
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