Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The First Day of School

The Seventh Grader

The Senior!

The first day of school means photo day which means "stand by the stairs and let's get your picture". (A lot of grumbling going on at this time). We have been trying to get these pictures taken for three days. Getting the pictures taken the first week works right? They will appreciate this tradition some day. I wish I had sis' picture too!

School is going okay for all three. Eli gave Sis a tour of the campus the evening before class the next day. He also met her at the bus stop near her apartment and rode it to the campus with her. Thanks Eli! She doesn't have to drive her car each day as they say parking is so crowded. Bubba says school is going good. Although the night we had dinner and football throwing Sunday, he sprained his ankle and decided to run on it the first day of school. So, he has been limping around here, but it is getting better. G got his pads today in football and their first game is in eight days. He is trying out for receiver. He has to be at school early in the morning for football and he says it is hot!

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