Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back To Work For Paige

I survived the first of a few new year, new work routine, new responsibilities at the church, new computer at the church, leaving new puppy at home, and the saddest of all was coming home from work and Pat wasn't home waiting for me. I was glad to see all my friends today.

Today Matt had a CAT scan on his neck due to his neck pain. We think it triggers his migraines. I just wanted to have him checked out and his results were what we knew and that is that his neck that curves the wrong way. Please keep him in your prayers as it is painful and frustrating.

Did I share with you my special Christmas present from my kids? They gave me a necklace with Pat's thumb print. On the back they had engraved "I love you Mom" -Dad xoxo. It is so precious to me and I wear it often. If you see me, I would like to show it off, so ask to see my necklace.

I am so proud of my kids and thankful we are all home together!

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