Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday Morning Testimony

I have missed journaling nightly and missing my connection with you.  We are doing pretty good, and I believe that we are doing much better than we thought we would.  I do know that I am missing Pat more and more and when those waves of grief come, they hurt.  I just want to touch him and squeeze his precious face.  I am attending Grief Share each week and look forward to the healing. 

Working at the church and learning more about the window business is keeping me busy as well as watching Garrett play some great basketball.  District games started Tuesday and we had a tough loss by three points, but it was exciting!

Yesterday morning, I was asked to give a short testimony in our church services on what Life Group means to me and my family.  If you have followed us very long, you know how much Pat and I love our Life Group. Our walk has been precious with these friends  and their faithfulness to our family has been a testament in itself. It would have truly been a lonely road without them these past 15 months and I am still clinging to them as we move forward with life without Pat.  We love you, David & Tracie, Andy & Brenda, Greg & Alison, John & Jennifer, Jeff & Kelli, Troy & Lisa and Craig. 

If you have the opportunity to join a life group, I strongly encourage you to find people who can live authentic lives with you.  I know Pat and I were changed by sharing our lives with our precious friends.

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