Monday, January 9, 2012


I survived a week of my new routine and it wasn't too bad.  People have always said that grief comes in waves and it does.  Just a thought, a picture or a memory brings a huge heartache when you least expect it. This afternoon I was looking in my messy desk at work and there was a note from Pat that he had placed on my desk very early one morning just after he had his Wednesday Bible study.   It read, "Have a blessed day!  I love you!!  What a God hug!

Christmas Eve night we spent it with Pat's family.  Pat's brother, Richard, and his wife, Becky, gave me a calendar of the Psalms as a gift.  I opened it and I automatically flipped over to April, the month of my birthday, and the photo at the top was covered in purple. My thought was, "wow, Lord...thank you!"  We miss Pat terribly and it is still so hard to believe that he is gone.  But, these little gifts from above remind us that God loves us and He cares about us. I still keep wondering what Pat is doing each day. 

Tonight my mom, Pat, is in the hospital in Ardmore, Oklahoma with blood clots in her leg and both of her lungs.  I ask that you please pray for the clots to dissolve and that they will not be a continual problem.  It is hard being here and not with her tonight.  I love you, Mom!

Hank, Garrett's new boxer, now nine weeks old, is keeping us all on our toes, but he brings us a lot of joy along with his much bigger play buddy, Cash.

Thank you for your continued prayers, cards, and messages.  It is so comforting to know that you are thinking of us. 

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