Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day and Dove Hunting in Hico

Abby, Brenda and Bristol

Brenda & I Taking a Spin

The Ashlocks joined us Friday night for some birding hunting early Saturday morning and Saturday night, well the guys did. All of the girls did other things like ride four-wheelers, read, eat and just hang out. It really was a great time.

Pat and I with the boys spent the rest of the weekend at the ranch. Sunday morning we had an unfortunate event happen and one I have never seen before. An old cow was trying to deliver a calf and died during childbirth. We figured out the problem (the details are not for the squeezy stomach). Pat was able to get to the calf and it was so perfect. It was a black and white little heifer with wild markings on her face. She was so sweet. After seeing this I am just in awe of how God created all things.

Sis we missed you! I know that you were studying a lot this weekend...good for you!
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