Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Engagement of 1984


I know! Look at those baby faces. I wish I could go back and visit that year but with the wisdom and life lessons I have learned in these past 23 years. I know that we would all like that chance. What would I have done different then? First of all I wish I knew to trust God more and realize how much HE loves me and that HE had such a big plan for our lives. I wish I had known about the power of prayer at the age of 23 as we prepared to start a new life together. Marriage is amazing to me because who would of thought two people could love each other more every day and still actually enjoy being with each other. I feel that this has been God's gift to Pat and I has we have tried to put God first in our marriage. It is hard to surrender every part of our life to Him daily and trust that HE is in control and we are not. Thank you Lord for your grace and our many blessings!
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