Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is That My Son's Name on Her Shirt?

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I arrive at G's game Tuesday and before I could get to the stands to sit down I was told by three people that there is a girl wearing my son's name on the back of her shirt. The minute I stepped up to the bleachers I saw her. My stomach dropped for just a split second. I am thinking "I still have ownership here"! I sat down and the first thing I could think of was to get a picture so I could text it to his dad who was in Arizona. I took the first picture with my camera, but thought I can't text that to Pat. So I grab my phone and walk up to her and ask her to move her hair while I snap the back of her t-shirt. I did not even introduce myself, but one of her friends asked I was G's mother. My reply, "Well yes I am!". I walked away. I was telling G about the photo while driving home and he was okay with the picture, but he did ask me if I introduced myself. I had to apologize. I didn't. Way to go Mom.
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