Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog Creating

Hey there! It feels like Monday doesn't it? Hope your day has been good. My girlfriend since college, Misty, has a plaster craft/ceramic painting studio called Paint'N Station in Oklahoma City. She actually helped me start the same business here in Fort Worth and Bedford in 1993. My business was called Kids Paint Too! Her entrepreneurship lasted 15 years longer than mine. I was not cut out for the business which was labor intensive since I made all of the plastercraft and it required working on the weekends. Also let me mention that I started the business in 1993 and had a baby in 1994. Her business is booming and she doesn't have a web site. Mis wears many hats, but not a technology hat. So, friend Paige here is helping out. I was visiting with a another girlfriend who has a web design business and she said that more companies are using blogs like a website. Well, I have created a website for my mom and her business, but that was a lot of work, so I am trying the blog route for the Paint'N Station. I got very frustrated today because I accidentally created the blog under my account and was able to snatch the paintinstation blogspot address. I had to learn how to transfer the blog to another account. It worked but was so time consuming to figure out. I will let you know when it is up and running so you can take a peek at it.
I watched and listened to the inauguration today. I may have not voted for Obama, but I will now pray and support him.
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