Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Facts About My Daughter

Sis listed these 25 random facts about herself today on her Facebook. She had me laughing out loud. Those of you who know her will love her more, and those of you who don't will know her better. What a sweetheart my daughter is! I am sorry, but I do have bragging rights!
From Sis:

1. I love my friends who I may never see but we can always pick up where we left off.

2. For some reason tights make me feel funny.

3. When people talk about burps and farts I really gag.

4. I usually try my hardest to fix things before calling for backup. like a broken toilet or something. Home remedies!

5. Ask my brothers and they will tell you I am too "mom like".

6. I lately feel guilty for almost the smallest things that do not matter.

7. I think names are so interesting.

8. My name was Jessica when I was born but my parents changed it a couple hrs after.

9. I use to think it was cool to tell people I was babybop's voice's cousin somehow long distance.

10. I hate blow drying my hair but always do.

11. I feel like myself when I am in my boots.

12. Nothing is better then Chips salsa and some fajitas!

13. I dig guys with dark hair and dark eyes.

14. No one knows me better then Eli and my mom.

15. Pitching is one of my favorite past time memories.

16. I usually always sing in the car. I wish I had a voice with some "Texas Twang" like Miranda Lambert.

17. I settle with stuff sometimes before deciding what I really think.

18. I can never find a pair of socks that are the same.

19. I love John and Kate plus 8.. as lame as that may sound.

20. When I am alone, I always know my surroundings.

21. No two sandwiches will taste the same!

22. I usually leave the mall because I always picture an outfit in my mind and then cant find it! very frustrating. I don't even know if the outfit exist!

23. My all time fear is loosing someone before telling them goodbye.

24. I think its annoying when people use "Don't" in the wrong form. For ex: "I don't got any"

25. I always shut the door then look back to make sure I shut it.
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