Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello Friends!

Well, I think I am finished with my blog color reconstruction for now. Lime green is my new favorite color this year. I am working on another header, but having some difficulties with it for now. Gosh I have been so productive this week. First of all, I have cooked three meals in a row and tonight Pat will be totally shocked when he sees it on the stove. To cook more was my one and only New Year's resolution. Second, I cleaned my pantry. It took lover two hours. After I cleaned it out it looked like we didn't have any more food. Bubba opened it and said "Wow Mom!". Third, I just finished cleaning out my cabinet in the laundry room that holds old towels, gift sacks and miscellaneous cords for phones and other know the ones that you afraid to throw away because someone will be looking for it in two years! Oh, and I got my tree down yesterday. That felt real good. I sure feel sorry for the trash that will be on my curb tomorrow!
I don't want to sound too chipper as my heart is breaking for two of my friends. My long-time friends, Paul and Lawanda, lost their awaited grandson, Andrew Justin, last night due to complications from the umbilical cord. Please keep them and the mom and dad, Justin and Lauren, in your prayers. This young couple have amazing faith and they say that they are thankful for a Sovereign God, who is in control. I agree. I have a new friend, Linda, whose husband was killed in an head-on collision December 29th by a drunk driver just a few minutes from her home. They have three small children. Please pray for Linda and her children as they mourn their loss.
Let this remind us again that life is precious and we are not promised tomorrow. But, during our sorrow and pain, God is collecting all of our tears and loves us more than we could ever know. Thank you, Lord.
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