Friday, January 25, 2013


One word keeps showing up in my life lately. God keeps showing me "rescue".  He has done this In the past with other words such as trust, faith, and last year he showed me a lot about "abide".   He has to continue showing me because I don't get it the first time.  I just know He shakes His head at me.   

The word "rescue" was in a prayer that my friend, Rick, kept praying over and over Sunday night in a group study.  "Jesus, is my rescuer."  Monday morning I open my Bible (365 day) to the selected Psalm for the day's reading. Psalm 18:16-19, "He reached down from heaven and rescued me; he drew me out of deep waters. He rescued me from my powerful enemies, from those who hated me and were too strong for me.  They attached me at a moment when I was in distress, but the Lord supported me.  He led me to a place of safety; he rescued me because he delights in me." 

On January 22nd, I read Psalm 18:47-18, "The Lord lives! Praise to my Rock! May the God of my salvation be exalted! He is the God who pays back those who harm me; he subdues the nations under me and rescues me from my enemies. You hold me safe beyond the reach of my enemies; you save me from violent opponents."

Yesterday, I read "Psalm 20:6, "Now I know that the Lord rescues his anointed King. He will answer him from his holy heaven and rescue him by his great power."

Do I need rescued?  Yes!  Is it coincidence that I continue to read about the subject rescue. No!  I am so thankful that His word is alive each and every day.

Not only has God been telling me about rescue, I keep hearing and reading about Joseph.  Yes, the Joseph with the coat of many colors.  Just since Sunday, I have heard it in Sundays' sermons, read about it in my daily Bible reading, and on a podcast that I listen to regularly (another sermon).  Oh, and I am reading about Joseph in the book, "From Dream to Destiny: The Ten Tests You Must Go Through to Fulfill God's Purpose for Your Life." by Robert Morris. The book is centered on the story of Joseph.  It is clear He is teaching me something and I praying to hear Him clearly. I read about a few of the tests...I flunked! 

Keep teaching me, Jesus!  Don't leave me where I am.

In His Grip!

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