Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Tree

As I transferred my photos from my phone to my laptop, I saw the picture of the tree.  It was taken on the 26th of November of this past year when I made a trip to our former ranch in Hico. It was the anniversary of Pat's death, and  I needed something to do to keep me busy on that day.  I wanted to be by myself, but where should I go? Then I thought. Hico. 

While driving around the ranch I came upon what we called the "Old Pond".  It was the first pond that we fished when we bought the place and it was the boys' favorite place to camp.  I stopped the car to walk down to the pond as the brush was so high on the road that I could barely see it. As I approached the pond I realized that I was walking in the area that the water usually covered.  This was a sad sight.   I had grabbed an old pink towel I had in my car and my journal thinking I might write. Writing wasn't what I wanted to do, so I just sat there. Before I got up to leave I got on my knees to pray.  

As I walking back to my car I asked God, "What will my life be like one year from now?"   I felt him answer me, "purpose".  "The 'P' on your necklace now stands for purpose."  I looked to the right and there was a tree.  As I looked at it's leafless branches, I saw a branch at the top that was in a cursive "P" shape.  I kept staring at it.  I walked up close to check it out. Yes, it looked just like a "P".  I stepped back and saw another one.  It looked as if it was leaning into the tree, but it was a very plain "P".   I took the picture because no one would believe me.  I probably wouldn't believe it myself the next day. I felt His spirit say, "That plain P is you now, but the cursive P will be you in the future." Hmmm....  I start looking around at the other trees as I am sure to see more of the alphabet right?   No. All of the branches are straight.

It is time to leave and I see a white rock lying a few feet from me.  I pick it up. The rock seemed to have an imaginary line drawn through the middle. The left side is very smooth, but the right side is rough.  I felt God say to me, "Paige, your life resembles the rough side, but I like it best."  I picked up the rock, put it in my car and it now displayed in the flower bed of my new home.

The cursive P is up high in the center and the plain P is on the right which
looks to be leaning against the tree.

While driving off from my little retreat, this scripture comes to mind, "Seek me and you shall find me."  The actual scripture, Jeremiah 29:13 says, "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart."


In His Grip,
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