Thursday, July 31, 2008


A Nice Post for the Camera
Cash's favorite to Pat in the truck!
Yes, Cash found the couch and loves it!
I wanted to post some updated pictures of our baby, Cash! Gosh he is spoiled rotten. Our house looks like a two-year-old lives here! He weighs about 40 lbs now and grew so much while we were gone on vacation. His hair is a much darker red now.
Pat got an itunes card today from our neighbors, Bill and Cindy, and he is loading up his new IPOD with new songs...I believe I hear the Neils playing (Young and Diamond). Thanks Bill and Cindy. What a perfect gift! He also received a couple of new CD's today from a friend from work that he is also uploading. He will be set with great music in the hospital. His last day of work was today and he goes for preop tomorrow at the hospital.
I plan on posting every day next week so that you can keep up with Pat's surgery, progress and amazing recovery!
Hugs from the Easterlings!
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