Thursday, July 24, 2008

Two More Days....Then Back To Reality

The weather was gorgeous today! The boys left early this morning for fishing in the bay and caught their limit. They came back, cleaned the fish (they smelled like bait) and we plan on eating it tomorrow night.

We had a leisurely breakfast (I made gravy for the first time in many months). Gosh I think we all put on the pounds this week. Who cares! It is vacation! After that we headed to the beach and pool. Pat went in early as he got too much sun and that caused us to go fetch some Aloe Vera at the local CVS.

Dinner tonight is pizza and we are waiting for it to be delivered now. Pat, David, Sis and Mindy are headed fishing tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. (yes I agree that no fishing is worth that!). They will have fun though.

Oh last night we went sand crabbing again and Sis lost her phone. So, she said her life is "ruined" and she is not happy. This is not an unusual occurrence for her though. Fortunately she has one more "warranty" left for another phone.

Can't wait to show pictures. I have really captured some fun ones.

Until then.....

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