Monday, July 14, 2008

Update on Pat

Happy Monday! It has been a full one already. Pat and I had an appointment this morning with a radiation doctor. We liked him and listened to his recommendation...which was to do chemo/radiation prior to surgery, but of course, listen to the advice of the Tumor Board. The Tumor Board meets on Wednesdays, so we hope that our case will be up for discussion this week. We have an appointment tomorrow with another oncologist for a second opinion.
This weekend was nice and we were able to enjoy our neighbors in Hico. Lonnie had a birthday and we celebrated with them with good food and friends! Thanks Lonnie and Charlene!

The rest of the week will be full. G gets his braces tomorrow and that is exciting as we have been waiting a while. M got registered for college this fall and will attend Freshman Orientation this week. Sis is moving to another apartment and she will need to be moved by the weekend, I will probably help her pack. I plan on meeting my sweet, sweet mom half way between here and Madill, who has agreed to take our dog, Pope, to Oklahoma with her for a little while. Pope is a diabetic and requires two insulin shots a day. Since our time will be devoted to Dad, we need Pope to have good care too! Thanks again, Mom, you are a sweetheart! This weekend we will go to an Easterling family reunion at the lake and we are excited about seeing relatives.

Then..............VACATION! (That is the plan for now.)

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