Friday, July 11, 2008

Update on Pat

After the appointment with the oncologist, Dr. Crim, yesterday, our mind and emotions are just mush....or another way to describe us is that we both feel like we have been run over by a Mac truck.

The oncologist recommended chemo and/or radiation prior to surgery. He said that the microscopic cells that can't be seen need to have this treatment. He was going to call the surgeon and discuss the case and call us back with a plan.

It is 5:45 p.m and the oncologist left a message that he spoke with the surgeon, Dr. Linn, and Dr. Linn still recommended that we have the surgery first and follow up with chemo/radiation. Dr. Crim said that he checked with other partners and a online review board and still came to the conclusion that they recommend the treatment before surgery. Since the two doctors did not come to an agreement, they will take Pat's case to the Tumor Board at Harris Hospital next week to be discussed further.

In the meantime, Pat and I have decided to get a second opinion from another oncologist.

Pat talked with a woman today, Carol, that works in the RV industry and her husband had the exact cancer and surgery. Everything about this man's case is the same as Pat's. This man had both chemo and radiation following the surgery. He was diagnosed in February and went back to work this past June. Carol told Pat that it will be a very rough road, but to remember that it does get better. Now, I call that a God thing again as we have someone we can talk to and she was sent to encourage us.

We have an appointment Monday with a radiation doctor. Hopefully we can make this decision soon. Depending on the route we go will depend if we can go on vacation.

We are praying for wisdom and discernment fervently and we ask that you join us in this prayer.

We are off to Hico and hope to not think about this for a bit.

Pat is now going on the "buffet diet"....what fun!

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