Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vacation Vacation Vacation

Hi there! I wanted to say hello to those who are bored and dropped by! We are having so much fun and I am so thankful to God for answering my desperate plea for vacation. The weather has been beautiful with lots of sun, sand, ocean, and jellyfish stings. It is cloudy this morning, but we had enough sun yesterday to make up for today. The Rosses traveled down with us. They have two teenagers and two small children age four and 18 months. David and Tracie came to these condos here in Perdido Key, the Eden Condominiums, on their honeymoon years ago and they are very nice. They are on the 10th floor and we are on the first floor. I will have a picture when we get home.

The boys boogie boarded yesterday in the ocean and got stung many times by jelly fish. As a matter of fact the storm last night brought them upon the beach and they are all over. Little Hudson, who is four, was screaming so loud that everyone was bringing over their meat tenderizer to put on his sting, but we already had some in hand. One jellyfish wrapped his whole body around Bubba's neck and he was in pain. The waves were huge yesterday but the stings were not worth the fun on the waves.

Monday night I was introduced to sand crab hunting by David. They are so fun. You hunt for them at night with a flashlight. They are white, the color of the sand, and the crabs are so fast. Last night we had family portraits on the beach and my family was not happy. This seems to happen every time I ask for a family picture. You would think they could tolerate it once every six years as that was the last time we had a family portrait. I think the pictures will be good and I am excited about viewing them online this weekend. Thanks, family, for making Mom happy (after it was over).

We are eating good as David is the chef. We had shrimp pasta Monday night and green enchiladas last night. Pat and I are responsible for breakfast and lunch each day.

This afternoon we all drove into the Naval Airbase and went to the museum. It was raining today, so it was a good day to tool around town. Afterwards we enjoyed a burger in time and buying loads of candy from CVS!

The guys found about 12 starfish late afternoon along with shells, a snake, and beatiful shells. The storm brought in all kinds of treasures. The day is ending with a great dinner and lots of laughter.

Well, that is all until the next posting!

Hugs from Florida!

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